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April 25, 2013
Spring Newsletter
Spring is really here, at least in most of the country! For our clients with seasonal businesses, this is the time of year when businesses are putting the finishing touches on off-season improvements and getting ready to great a new wave of business. For our clients with year-round businesses, sometimes the challenge is to hold customer attention when they have vacations on their mind. In either case, growing your business by embracing some new marketing strategies is always a good idea. Read on for a few ideas!
How Would You Like to Increase Your Market Share by 15% or More?
The Growing Hispanic & Latino Market
Remember the days when there were 3 major television networks – ABC, NBC and CBS? Needless to say, there are many more television networks these days of cable and satellite TV, and the “Big Three” no longer dominate the market. In fact, can you name the fourth largest TV network in prime-time ratings? It is Univision, the Spanish language television network. (In case you are wondering, the Top 5 Networks, in order, are now CBS, Fox, ABC, Univision, and NBC.) According to Wikipedia, Hispanics and Latinos now comprise 16.7% of the population in the United States. Of these, 90% speak English, 78% speak Spanish, 69% are bi-lingual (Spanish and English), 22% speak only English, and 9% speak only Spanish. Are you reaching out to this vast market, or are you simply following an outmoded and incorrect stereotype that says that Hispanics and Latinos are not part of your customer base? For several years now, we have been building French language versions of websites for clients with businesses located in areas that consistently draw significant percentages of French Canadian vacation traffic. Those clients have frequently been complimented by their French Canadian customers, thanking them for providing a French language version of their website that was thoughtfully created, carefully translated, and contained full content. One of the comments that was shared with us back in January (accompanying a reservation that was made with one of our campground clients) read, “Thank you for your French site. It’s the first time that we see this quality of French language out(side) of Quebec, whether it was on menus in restaurants or on web sites. Nice work and nice attention.” The message that is conveyed to customers says “we want your business and we care about your business”. In the case of the French Canadian market, the need generally applies to businesses within driving distance of Quebec, in historical destination markets (such as Old Orchard Beach, ME; Hampton Beach, NH; Cape Cod, MA; The Wildwoods and Cape May, NJ; Ocean City, MD; and Virginia Beach, VA), or that are conducting online commerce and seeking out that market. In the case of the Hispanic and Latino markets, there are no regional limitations. If you are running a business in the United States today, you need to be reaching out to these vast and growing populations in the language that represents their comfort zone. Call on Pelland Advertising to build your Spanish (or other foreign language website), using live translators who are bilingually fluent, in the most cost-effective manner possible. If we have already built your site, a foreign language version is far less expensive than you might think, easily covering its cost in very short order.
Why Wait a Year for Your Campground or Resort Map to be Produced and Printed?
Silver Lake Park Campground & Cabins - New Hampshire Ponderosa Pines Campground - Pennsylvania Click on either map to view a PDF version showing both front and back content.
Our campground clients all need site maps, both online and in print. So many of these are homemade and just fail to present a professional appearance. Others are cluttered with advertising and take a year or more to produce – the price that is paid for so-called “free” maps. At Pelland Advertising, we present an alternative. We produce professionally designed maps (from your supplied base material of any quality), typically in as little as a week! This map is then resized to fit on your website, in both a preview version and a higher-resolution PDF file that can be quickly downloaded. We also have some of the best prices on the subsequent printing of the maps, in four-color process on a premium enamel-coated stock with overall aqueous coating. These maps are printed and delivered in less than a week and create a perfect first impression at the time of guest registration, typically including rules and local information on the reverse side. Our printing prices are actually less than you would pay for ink or toner cartridges and paper, if you were to print the maps on your own. One of our clients wrote us just this morning, with the comment, “We are blown away at how great the maps are! The paper quality is superb, and the entire map – front and back – both exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much for your assistance in this upgrade for our park.” Call us today, and we will help you to look your best tomorrow!
Follow Peter Pelland’s New Articles in the Campground Industry E-News
We are pleased that the Campground Industry E-News is now featuring new articles by Peter Pelland in alternate weekly issues. The latest issue, released on April 24, 2013, includes an article titled, “QR Codes – Dead or Alive?” that is certain to shed some new light on QR codes, those two-dimensional barcodes that bear a resemblance to square Rorschach tests but provide informational links to the user of any Smartphone with a QR code reader app installed. Click here to read this issue of the Campground Industry E-News. After publishing in the E-News, each article is also archived to the Pelland Advertising Blog. Click here to visit our blog to find this and other interesting reading that is sure to inspire you to market your business smarter than ever!
Take a Look at Two More of Our Latest Websites
Wawaloam Campground - Rhode Island Sandy Springs Funhouse - Georgia Click on either preview image to visit the site.
We have some very big projects in the works that will be announced in our next newsletter; however, we still have several new websites that we have launched recently. These include our first website project for Wawaloam Campground, in Rhode Island. The site includes a custom CSS animated menu and some other nice CSS features which are compatible with the full range of browsers. It also introduces a new site map that was produced by Pelland Advertising and is hosted using SSL for upcoming e-commerce functionality. The new site for Sandy Springs Funhouse, in Georgia, is our first project for one of our new clients from the 2012 IAAPA Attractions Expo. The site design definitely extends beyond the usual boundaries and presents visitors with a fun, nautical experience that previews the exciting time that the entire family will enjoy at the funhouse! Even if you have a summer seasonal business, it is not too late to get us started on a new website project that will bring your customers to life!
That’s it for this issue of our newsletter. If you like what you have read, please share it with one of your associates. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us to suggest new ways that we may be of service to your business. Thanks!
Peter Pelland and the Staff at Pelland Advertising
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