Let us help your KOA to Prosper

Pelland Advertising is committed to working with KOA parks!

Pelland Advertising has provided marketing services to North American campgrounds since the early 1980s, and our commitment to the outdoor hospitality industry extends to our commitment to KOA. We are a KOA recommended vendor and associate members of the KOA Owners Association. Examine our work, contact us for samples of print advertising, and speak with your network of fellow KOA park owners. You will find that our credentials are impeccable!

Responsive Websites

The KOA corporate offices provide exceptional standards of branding and marketing support, including real-time online reservations through KOA.com that set the standard for the industry. That said, it behooves a park to consider maintaining its own independent online presence, the most important element being its own responsive (mobile-friendly) website. Click here to learn more about our website development services or to view a our broader website portfolio.

There are many advantages to maintaining your own independent Web presence, and it can work hand-in-hand with the KOA presence. The SEO of one site does not cannibalize the other. To the contrary, they reinforce one another. Who are the park owners who would complain with a potential camper performing a Google search and getting TWO opportunities to reach them rather than one? Reservations, of course, get funneled through KOA.com. The following website is an example of our work for independent KOA parks.

Chocorua Camping Village KOA

Chocorua Camping Village KOA
New Hampshire

Site Maps & Welcome Kits

Two names somewhat reluctantly come to mind when campgrounds think of site maps and welcome kits, but there is an alternative! Turn to us for a better option, where we produce a professional quality site map for a reasonable fee and that can be used both online (including your page on the KOA website) and in print. Depending upon the complexity of the project, which is usually directly related to the size of your park and the quality of the supplied materials, our production fees will run between $500.00 and $750.00. For this fee, we produce a resolution-independent vector file in Adobe Illustrator, a high-resolution PDF file for printing, a medium-resolution PDF file for posting to your website and that visitors may download more quickly and print on a standard 8½x11" sheet of paper, and a preview image set to any pixel width that you require.

For an additional and very reasonable fee, we can also print various quantities of your new site map, in full color and with the option of text on the back (typically your campground rules), that you can hand out to guests at the time of registration. The cost of having us print these maps on a smooth coated stock will be far less than the cost of the consumables that you would use to print maps on your office printer. If we are printing your site maps, we will perform one round of minor edits once per year, usually at no charge. A reasonable fee will apply for major revisions or if we are not printing your maps.

In addition to conventional four-color offset printing on paper, Pelland Advertising can also provide large format printing services on PVC, aluminum, acrylic, vinyl, and other materials – all at a very affordable cost.

If you would like to have advertising cover the cost of your site maps, we are also here to help. The difference is that you will sell your own ads, to people who you want to advertise on your map, and the profit that would otherwise go to one of the big site map companies will go into your pocket instead. On a typical project, requiring fairly minimal effort on your part to sell the ads, you could realize a net profit of $2,000.00 - $3,000.00 after paying for our entire package of services. Click here to learn more about our site map design and printing services.

Here are a few examples of some recent site maps we have produced for KOA parks.

Miles City KOA Journey Site Map
Miles City KOA Journey
Miles City, Montana
Panama City Beach KOA Holiday Site Map
Panama City Beach KOA Holiday
Panama City Beach, Florida
Fancy Gap KOA Journey Site Map
Fancy Gap KOA Journey
Fancy Gap, Virginia
Sioux Falls KOA Journey Site Map
Sioux Falls KOA Journey
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Skowhegan/Kennebec Valley KOA Journey Site Map
Skowhegan / Kennebec Valley KOA Journey
Canaan, Maine
Saugerties / Woodstock KOA Journey Site Map
Saugerties / Woodstock KOA Journey
Saugerties, New York
Sioux City North KOA Holiday Site Map
Sioux City North KOA Holiday
Sioux City, South Dakota
Hot Springs / Black Hills KOA Holiday Site Map
Hot Springs / Black Hills KOA Holiday
Hot Springs, South Dakota
Elizabethtown / Hershey KOA Site Map
Elizabethtown / Hershey KOA
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Unadilla / I-88 / Oneonta KOA Journey Site Map
Unadilla / I-88 / Oneonta KOA Journey
Franklin, New York
Missoula KOA Holiday Site Map
Missoula KOA Holiday
Missoula, Montana
Lincoln / Woodstock KOA Holiday Site Map
Lincoln / Woodstock KOA Holiday
Woodstock, New Hampshire
Erie KOA Holiday Site Map
Erie KOA Holiday
McKean, Pennsylvania
Indianapolis KOA Site Map
Indianapolis KOA
Greenfield, Indiana
Natural Bridge / Watertown KOA Journey
Natural Bridge / Watertown KOA Journey
Natural Bridge, New York

Rack Cards & Brochures

Pelland Advertising’s rack cards are produced in an all-digital, direct-to-plate process, with carefully monitored combination runs save time and money by consolidating and sharing many of the costs of production, without compromising the kind of personalized attention which your project deserves. Our standard specifications include 200 line screen printing on a 16 pt. smooth card stock (not the thinner 12 or 14 pt. stock which is usually found elsewhere), with four-color process and a high gloss UV coating. Other options are available, if required, including uncoated stocks, lighter weight 14 pt. stock, and aqueous coating (as a substitute for the UV coating). All of our products are printed in the U.S.A., not outsourced to a cheap overseas labor market, and printed on FSA certified paper stocks that include 30% recycled content (10% of which is post-consumer). Click here to learn more about our printing services.

Here are a few examples of rack cards that we have recently produced for KOA parks.

Twin Mountain / Mt. Washington KOA Rack Card
Twin Mountain / Mt. Washington KOA Holiday
Twin Mountain, New Hampshire
Fancy Gap KOA Rack Card
Fancy Gap KOA Journey
Fancy Gap, Virginia
Miles City KOA Journey Rack Card
Miles City KOA Journey
Miles City, Montana
Skowhegan / Kennebec Valley KOA Rack Card
Skowhegan / Kennebec Valley KOA
Canaan, Maine
Bangor / Holden KOA Rack Card
Bangor / Holden KOA Journey
Holden, Maine

Display Ad Production

There are times when you will want to promote your park outside of the KOA marketing network by advertising in local and state directories and publications. You will usually have an option for having those ads produced in-house; however, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, turn to us for the design and production of your advertising. There is no sense in spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for display advertising and then filling the space with a ho-hum ad.

Here is an example of a full-page, full-bleed display ad that we produced
to appear in the 2021 New Hampshire Campground Owners Association directory:

Twin Mountain/Mt. Washington KOA / Littleton/Franconia Notch KOA

Mirror Tags / Car Passes

Whatever you call them, most parks use some sort of system to monitor the vehicular traffic of campers and their guests. Our 4" x 7" template-based car passes represent an inexpensive option, printed in four-color process on two sides of a 100# C2S FSC cover stock or 16 pt. C2S FSC card stock. An alternate size of 3½" x 8½" is also available at no additional charge, if desired. The passes feature either standard or arch-style die-cutting, and an overall semi-gloss or matte aqueous coating on both sides. Custom designs, tear-off perforation, and alternate sizes are also available.

Here are examples of our template-based car passes:

Shelby/Mansfield Resort KOA Hang Tag
Jennings KOA
Jennings, Florida
Shelby/Mansfield Resort KOA Hang Tag
Jennings KOA
Jennings, Florida
Shelby/Mansfield Resort KOA Hang Tag
Jennings KOA
Jennings, Florida

Business Cards

Everybody uses business cards, but there is no reason that your business cards should look like everybody else’s cards. Our standard 3½" x 2" business cards are printed in four-color process on 16 pt. C2S FSC card stock, with gloss UV coating on the front. The backs may be left blank, printed in black ink, or printed in four-color process … all for the same low price. Each card includes a custom design and layout. Fold-over business cards and alternate sizes are also available.

These are just a few of the examples of the broad range of marketing services that Pelland Advertising provides to KOA parks, campgrounds in general, and a wide range of other businesses. A few other examples include:

Postcards • Magnets • Labels & Stickers • Letterhead & Envelopes
Directory Ads • Coupons • Mailers • Greeting Cards
Trade Show Graphics • Floor Graphics • Presentation Boards
Aluminum Signs • Vehicle Magnets & Decals

Basically, if it involves the Internet or any type of four-color process printing services, we can probably help to ensure the success of your next marketing project. We encourage you to call or email us with your specific needs, or use the form below to request our prompt quotation.


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