Logo Development

Can your project benefit from the development of a new custom-designed logo? Logos help to create an instant visual recognition for a business, while capturing – and summarizing – the essence of its unique characteristics. A quality logo, appearing as it does as the first element of advertising design, creates a critical “first impression” that can determine whether or not a prospective customer decides to further explore the accompanying presentation. Just as an old or carelessly executed logo can lead prospective customers to question their comfort level with an unknown commodity (your business), a carefully planned and executed logo can immediately make a visitor receptive to your overall message. Logos also play a critical role in determining the overall color concept and layout of an advertising vehicle – whether a website, business card, brochure, apparel, or signage.

The cost to develop a new logo is minimal, typically no more than $300.00. Please take a close look at the following examples, including new logo development, digitally restored logos, many with before-and-after images.

New Logos

Riverside Campground - Logo Design

Partridge Hollow Camping Area – Logo Design

Lake Huntington Campgrounds – Logo Design

Tidewater Campground – Logo Design

Birchview Campground - Logo Design

Cooperstown Family Campground - Logo Design

Hidden Springs Campground - Logo

The Travel Camp – Primary Logo

The Travel Camp – Vertical Logo Option

Prairie Oasis Campground & Cabins – Square Logo Variation

Prairie Oasis Campground & Cabins – Horizontal Logo Variation

MaxCare RV Service – New Logo

MillPoint RV Park – Logo

Shandy’s Lakeside RV Park – Logo Design

Sugar Loafin Campground – Logo Design

Mt. Greylock Campsite Park – Logo Design

Sleepy Hollow Family Campground – Logo Design

Kansas ARVC – Logo Design

Prospect Lake Park – Logo Design

Blue Mesa Escape – Logo Design

Lebanon Reservoir Campground – Logo Design

Harrison Cart Works - Logo Design

Riverside Acres Campground - Logo Design

Techflex Enterprises – Logo Design

Sodom Mountain Campground – Logo Design

Lancaster Log Cabins – Logo Design

The Butterfly Place – Logo Design

Sycamore RV Resort - Logo Design

Leisure Lane RV Resort - Logo Design

A-1 Screw Machine - Logo Design

Pioneer Valley Wheel Repair - Logo Design

Old Stage Campground – Logo Design

Otter Lake Camp Resort – Logo Design

Char-Bo Campground Primary Logo Design

Char-Bo Campground Secondary Logo Design

Rocky Springs Campground Primary and Two Alternate Logo Designs

Digitally Restored Logos

Waters Edge RV Park - Before Logo Restoration
Waters Edge RV Park - After Logo Restoration

Shir-Roy Camping Area - Before Logo Restoration
Shir-Roy Camping Area - After Logo Restoration

Wolf’s Den Campground - Before Logo Restoration
Wolf’s Den Campground - After Logo Restoration

Lazy Acres Campground

Hidden Valley RV Park – Before Logo Restoration

Hidden Valley RV Park – After Logo Restoration

Motion Automotive Specialty – Before Logo Restoration

Motion Automotive Specialty – After Logo Restoration

Camping On the Battenkill

Before and After Examples

Boston Minuteman Campground – Old Logo Design

Boston Minuteman Campground – New Logo Design

Baladerry Inn – Old Logo Design

Baladerry Inn – New Logo Design

The Ridge Campground – Old Logo Design

The Ridge Campground – New Logo Design

Lake Bluff Campground – Old Logo Design

Lake Bluff Campground – New Logo Design