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Pelland Advertising is a small business serving the needs of small businesses; however, we have assembled a team of partner organizations over the years that allow us to cover all of the bases when it comes to your company’s marketing needs. Turn to us first, and you will likely find that we are fully prepared to offer the professional assistance that your small business requires.

Insider Perks
Insider Perks

Any company that pretends to be the “Jack of all trades” is of course going to be the master of none. There are certain services that Pelland Advertising has chosen not to directly provide; however, there are companies that complement our own company with services that go hand-in-hand with the services that we provide. Of course, before we endorse any company, we must be assured that it meets both our standards and the expectations of our clients. One of these companies is Insider Perks, offering a wide ranging package of valuable services that include video production, on-location photography, social media management, and reputation management – all at a price that any business can easily afford.



Constant Contact’s leading e-mail marketing and online survey tools help all types of small businesses and organizations create professional-looking e-mail newsletters and insightful online surveys that will begin a dialogue with their customers. Nearly 1,000,000 customers worldwide, including Pelland Advertising, trust Constant Contact to help them to connect with their clients. Even with no HTML experience, ConstantContact’s easy-to-use templates will insure that the smallest business can look just as professional as a Fortune 500 company. Sign up for a free 60-day, risk-free trial under Pelland Advertising’s partnering arrangement.



Pelland Advertising is partnered with Authorize.net, the leading payment gateway services provider in the industry. When your customer clicks on the “Send Payment” button on your secure payment form or at your shopping cart checkout, the encrypted transaction is immediately transferred to a highly secure payment gateway where the credit card is validated, the availability of funds is confirmed, and the funds are secured for direct deposit into your bank account as part of the day’s batch settlement. This process is an integral part of the new PCI Compliance Standards which recently went into effect, dictating that online merchants are not going to see a customer’s credit card number. As you might imagine, the use of a payment gateway will save you a tremendous amount of time and expense, while eliminating the embarrassment of ever having to tell a customer that his credit card has been declined. Click here to begin the online application process now. Should you require assistance, you may email

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or call (877) 320-8731.

Sectigo HackerGuardian

Secure from Hackers
What does this mean?:
In order to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data destined for, residing on, and outgoing from this server, we have implemented strict security policies and we perform daily vulnerability audits.
Last Scanned: Today at 9:35 AM EST

Working hand in hand with the SSL certificates that are all now a standard component of our hosting services, PCI compliance monitoring provides the utmost level of assurance to site visitors and merchant services provideers. At Pelland Advertising, we test our servers on a daily basis. We constantly monitor test results, quickly identifying any problems and resolving them before you would otherwise need to provide documentation to your bank or credit card processing company. We have private branded this service that is provided by Sectigo as Pelland Secure. The annual cost of this PCI compliance service is only $59.95.